Prior to sitting here and wondering, I was showering and wondering, then having breakfast and wondering, followed by looking out the window and wondering. You may notice a theme here, I spent a lot of time wondering how, and what the hell I was going to write under my post title.

Then a very odd thing happened, I had a sign, it was in the form of an email that read “Test comment for plug in pop up”.  I followed the link from that email back to a blog post called “A New Beginning” posted on September 30th, 2008, authored by Danny Brown.

Upon reading Danny’s post, I realized that this introduction should echo that of a real person to person greeting, perhaps over a warm pint of Guinness.  Keep it simple silly, no one wants to hear your psychological and sociological rationale interlaced within your life story as an introduction (unless perhaps you’re buying the next few rounds).

Instead, I take a leaf from Danny Brown’s post and say that the aim of this blog will be to offer my unique voice in the form, of my views, opinions and experiences within the digital culture.

As I coined in my twitter profile 


“Connoisseur of the digital delicacies served over Social Media. Participating in the ebb and flow of human interaction. Graceful as a kayak through water.”


This blog will be the table setting for that sentiment, and each post will be a uniquely flavored course, hopefully with equally palatable appreciation as it is presented for your consumption.


Introduction Blog Image - Blogging should be about sharing an experience

Introduction Blog Image – Blogging should be about sharing an experience

Borrowed from Danny Brown’s email signature)

Thank you, I hope I have titillated your taste buds for more.