I did not anticipate this being my 2nd entry into my fledgling blog, I think I’ll blame and thank Eden Spodek for inspiring me to record the memories of that day, as she did on her Facebook feed today.

That morning I was laying at home on a couch in our basement, I was not feeling too happy with the world that day, as a matter of fact, I had not felt too happy for an entire week or more.

You see, the day before, I had just returned home from a vacation in Mexico.  I can’t tell you much about the vacation because most of it had been spent surrounded by the white walls of a hospital room. Lucky me, I had somehow managed to grow a kidney stone that would not pass.  I won’t go into details, however, the stone was surgically extracted, a temporary stent was placed inside me and I required a catheter to help me with my bodily functions.  On the plus side, I became quite desensitized to seeing blood in my urine and Blue Cross travel insurance covered the more than $10.000 bill.

I recall thinking on the last day of my vacation, I don’t want to fly home, I want to rest in this hospital room for a few more days, maybe even return to the resort and lay near the pool perhaps for an hour or two and pretend I”m happy.

I felt every small turbulent bump on the flight home, thank you airline wheelchair service!

There I lay on my couch full of self-pity and regret watching the business of the world go by, I lost my medical innocence that week, I had never broken a bone and never had need of a hospital.

Then I watched the second plane on live television slam into the remaining tower and I realized this was not an accident and the world had just lost another layer of innocence.

That morning my feelings changed in an instant, I became filled with gratitude for where I was, fear for what was to come, and loss for what had happened.