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Darryl Robinson-Keys is an SEO Expert who resides in Toronto Canada. This is the SEO Logo he used on his home page.

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Have you reached that realization that you need the services of a dedicated SEO professional to assist you with your efforts to rank your product offering? My Information technology background, coupled with years of experience as well as my Digital Marketing training from the University of Toronto, places me in a uniquely qualified position to provide you with the best SEO consultation within the greater Toronto area and beyond. I have worked with digital marketing agencies, staffing agencies and my own clients to provide exemplary SEO consulting services. These SEO consulting services include determining strategies, building campaigns, defining key performance indicators, and most importantly, measuring the ROI of these efforts against business objectives.

A little bit about me…

Darryl Robinson-Keys is an SEO Expert in Toronto Canada, this is his image

I have always been interested and curious to understand how our evolving technology is impacting our lives.  I have explored and experimented as to how I can play a role in helping bridge that understating of technology to help shape a brighter future.

My knowledge with computers has led me from mainframes, to Lotus Notes, to .NET and back to the University of Toronto for certificates in Digital Strategy & Communications Management and Digital Marketing.

Along the way I also acquired certifications in:

  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • SEMRush SEO

My working history has meant I have honed the soft skills needed to speak with confidence to G Suite executives or share a coffee with a small business owner or startup entrepreneur.

My combined professional and personal experiences have helped me develop these core principals and values as to how I conduct myself.

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity

The accumulation of my extensive experience and skills, coupled with my academic initiatives, uniquely qualifies me to offer the SEO expertise you seek.

Side note: When I am not meticulously searching for keywords or performing a comprehensive inbound link analysis, you may find me perusing my other passions.

Darryl Robinson-Keys is an SEO Expert in Toronto who also teaches SUP Darryl Robinson-Keys is an SEO Expert in Toronto who also teaches Kayak

I am also a certified Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) and Kayak Instructor.

(If you see me one summer weekend or evening teaching a class around the Toronto Islands please feel free to say hi)


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Paddle Toronto
Paddle Toronto
20:05 20 Aug 18
Amazing talent and awesome personality mixed together for a great experience and excellent website work ...thanks Darryl
Adrienne Rommel
Adrienne Rommel
22:58 04 Apr 18
Darryl's professionalism, knowledge and super quick response times was extremely appreciated when he was helping me set up my website. He helped me to design my site, provided me with excellent professional advice, and was always quick to respond when I needed to make any changes, and was especially flexible when they were sometimes last minute changes. I attribute the success of my business's website to Darryl's help. Thanks Darryl!
Cameron D
Cameron D
16:10 04 Jan 18
Darryl's search marketing skills are professional and make him a pleasure to work with. He gives great advice and is always up-to-date with the latest in the world of SEM and SEO. His expertise combined with his business skills makes him an excellent choice.
Audrey Yates
Audrey Yates
15:06 31 May 17
Darryl, is a highly competent Google Adwords, Analytics & SEM specialist. Darryl knows of what he speaks. He is very thoughtful in reading data and applying insight. Equally important is Darryl's skill in writing google ads and delivering great quality scores. Always a pleasure to deal with and totally present in developing google strategies and with follow-up meetings. Audrey Yates
Wendy Pulton
Wendy Pulton
14:40 26 Apr 17
DRKSolutions helped me understand the value and the complexity involved with SEO. Very knowledgeable with this subject matter and was able to convey SEO concepts in terms that this novice could understand. Thank You!
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