Owning up to Email Marketing Mistakes

//Owning up to Email Marketing Mistakes

Owning up to Email Marketing Mistakes

I receive my fair share of marketing emails and I don’t usually complain. I have opted in to receive them and many of them actually offer tidbits of information that I  consume and happily share over my social channels.

As I scrolled through my various marketing pitched correspondence I opened an email from a company called The Sales Lion. The Sales Lion is a marketing communications consulting firm primarily owned and operated by a gentleman named Marcus Sheridan. Marcus’s claim to fame dates back to another company he used to work for called River Pool Spa’s. His groundbreaking blogging for that company is now considered a case study on how to offer value and grow your brand within the digital space.

Today’s Sales Lion email blast had somehow failed to include a proper personalized name in the salutation field of the email. Instead, the salutation read “Hi Contact.FirstName contact

The Fix.

Sales Lion sent another email owning up to their mistake, perhaps not completely accepting responsibility for the error, preferring to blame technology.

Sales Lion email marketing apology

Sales Lion email marketing apology

What Could they have done better?

How about personally addressing every subscriber by name,  instead of using a generic “Howdy Folks”

Hey accidents that can’t be blamed on interns happen, own up, take responsibility and move on.


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