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Darryl Robinson-Keys is an SEO Consultant in Toronto, this image represents his SEO link building services page

Link Building is the cornerstone of an effective SEO strategy

Link building, simply put, is the process of getting other sites to link to your site.

Building or earning those relevant Inbound links to your website is a corner stone to good SEO.

Link building remains the most weighted signal of relevancy in Google’s algorithm and as such it is one of the most challenging and time-consuming activities within the implementation of an effective SEO strategy. 

Link Building Background

In the early days, Google measured a relevant website by the number or quantity of links it had linking to its site regardless where or how these links originated. It soon became clear that this was not an accurate means of determining the relevance of a website.

In early 2012, Google rolled out an algorithm update named penguin. This update focused on the relevancy of links as opposed to just the number of links a website contained.

It has become incredibly important to ensure that you are obtaining links from relevant sources. There needs to be a reason for a site to connect to your site, it is no longer about quantity, the quality of the link is now paramount thus helping to ensure your website meets the highest level of relevancy based on search intent.


My Link Building efforts consist of the following:

  1. Site link profile analysis
  2. Competitor site link analysis
  3. Identifying linkable assets
  4. Identifying link building opportunities
  5. Measuring & reporting on link building efforts

 Some of the tools I may use during my link building efforts are:

  • Moz
  • Majestic
  • Ahref
  • SEMrush
  • SEO PowerSuite


The details of my Link Building efforts:

#1. Site Link Profile Analysis:

I analyze your site link profile by reviewing various link factors such as:

  • The authority of the linking domain and the page where the link resides
  • Identifying “Bad” links
  • The anchor text type or clickable text of the link
  • The type or placement of the link i.e. is it in the main body of a post or the comments section of a blog post? Does it contain a follow or no follow directive?
  • Referral traffic estimates from referring websites

#2. Competitor Site Link Analysis:

  • I analyze your competitor link profiles using the same methods as outlined above
  • I review where your competitor is outranking you
  • Identify opportunities


#3. Identifying Linkable Assets

Linkable assets are entities such as personal and visitor generated content, sharable business data, products or services and even sharable employee information or recognitions.

These linkable assets can come in all types of formats including text content, images, videos, infographics, white-papers, point of view documents, guides, FAQ’s and more.


Identifying link building opportunities

These are some of the methods I use to maximize link building opportunities:

Standard Link Outreach

This method involves:

  • identifying sites or influencers who could link to your site, outreach to those entities and convince them you have interesting and valuable content to share

Broken Link Building

This method involves:

  • Identifying high quality authoritative pages on sites that have links pointing to pages that no longer exist or are broken links
  • Create new content that addresses the same need or answers the same question as the old content
  • Reach out to the website and advise them of their broken link and inform them of your new content as a relevant substitute

Unlinked Mentions

This method involves:

  • Identifying sites that mention your company or brand but do not link to your site
  • Reaching out to those sites and asking to add a link to your site

Community Link Building

This method involves:

  • Identifying how your company is involved in the community, such as with sponsorships, charity work, business associations or clubs
  • Creating relevant meaningful content identifying these community initiatives
  • Reaching out through existing relationships you have with these communities and asking for a link to your site



A Bad link can potentially harm the ranking of your site

I perform a “Bad Link Analysis” to ensure your site does not contain the following:

  • Paid/Purchased or bought Links (Google wants to see the links that you have earned, buying links is a clear violation of that standard)
  • Reciprocal links (link for link exchanges are very easy for Google to detect and they are usually devalued. A few reciprocal links won’t cause much harm, however if the majority of your links are reciprocal then it becomes clear that you are not receiving links as a result of valuable content.)
  • Links from unrelated groups of businesses such as Adult websites, online Casino’s and No name brand Pharmaceutical sites, Hacked Websites, Private Blog Networks (PBN’s) and spamming Blog Comments)

The best strategy is to avoid questionable or bad links altogether so that your link profile looks natural and organic.


Anchor text is the actual Link text that visitors will see on a page, the clickable text that is typically underlined and in a different color.

There are four different kinds of Anchor text;

  • Exact Match – when the clickable text is an exact match of the keyword that is being targeted on the page that the link points to
  • Brand Anchor text – your business name
  • Generic Anchor text – includes phrases like “click here” or “read more” this text has nothing to do with the content of the page the link resides on or that of the page it points to
  • Naked URL’s are when the Link displays the actual URL of the page that the links points to.

There is no optimal breakdown on which types of anchor text links should make up your link profile. However, it is noted that exact match anchor links do offer more link relevancy. The caveat with using this type, is that if too many of these link types include the exact match keyword phrase, then the Google algorithm may consider this as unnatural and a negative user experience.

In Summary 

An ideal link comes from a site that gets a lot of traffic, those visitors then link from that site to yours.  The original site also needs to be an authority which means it should have a lot of sites linking  to it.  The page, or the entire site should be topically relevant to your site.  The link should also be featured high on the page within the  page content and ideally include an important keyword in the anchor text.


I am happy to schedule a free consultation to help you determine your SEO approach today. 

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Paddle Toronto
Paddle Toronto
20:05 20 Aug 18
Amazing talent and awesome personality mixed together for a great experience and excellent website work ...thanks Darryl
Adrienne Rommel
Adrienne Rommel
22:58 04 Apr 18
Darryl's professionalism, knowledge and super quick response times was extremely appreciated when he was helping me set up my website. He helped me to design my site, provided me with excellent professional advice, and was always quick to respond when I needed to make any changes, and was especially flexible when they were sometimes last minute changes. I attribute the success of my business's website to Darryl's help. Thanks Darryl!
Cameron D
Cameron D
16:10 04 Jan 18
Darryl's search marketing skills are professional and make him a pleasure to work with. He gives great advice and is always up-to-date with the latest in the world of SEM and SEO. His expertise combined with his business skills makes him an excellent choice.
Audrey Yates
Audrey Yates
15:06 31 May 17
Darryl, is a highly competent Google Adwords, Analytics & SEM specialist. Darryl knows of what he speaks. He is very thoughtful in reading data and applying insight. Equally important is Darryl's skill in writing google ads and delivering great quality scores. Always a pleasure to deal with and totally present in developing google strategies and with follow-up meetings. Audrey Yates
Wendy Pulton
Wendy Pulton
14:40 26 Apr 17
DRKSolutions helped me understand the value and the complexity involved with SEO. Very knowledgeable with this subject matter and was able to convey SEO concepts in terms that this novice could understand. Thank You!
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