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 Darryl Robinson-Keys is an SEO Consultant in Toronto, this image represents his SEO Keyword research page

Keyword Research – Finding the Right Kind of Visitors

Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities within the Search Engine Optimization process of your website.  A good keyword strategy will get you more than just increased visitor traffic, it will get you the right kind of visitors, the visitors that lead to the conversions you need to drive your brand forward.


The Keyword Search Algorithm

Early search algorithms favoured websites that contained multiple instances of keywords that matched search queries. For SEO, this meant employing a tactic of stuffing as many keywords about the product or service within a website as possible. Google realized that the results being returned were not addressing the true intentions of the search query, resulting in a poor experience for the user.

The 2013 Google Hummingbird algorithm update placed emphasis on the context of keywords used in search queries with the goal of matching the searcher with more accurate content.

No longer can you rely on just mapping keywords and their semantic derivatives with your website content. Quality keyword SEO today means ensuring that the content of your website be laid out in such a manner that it addresses the searcher intent based on the context of that keyword query.

Keyword Intent

The keywords used in search queries can offer insight into user search intent.

There are 3 keyword search intent query types:

  • Informational – the search query intent is to gain knowledge or a general understanding.  Search terms containing the phrase  “what is”, “how to”, “why is”, “who is”
  • Navigational – the search query intent is for something specific. Search terms such as “YouTube”, “Nike”, The Weather”, “Darryl Robinson Keys” rather than entering the URL directly.
  • Transactional – the search query intent is for something specific with an intent to buy. This usually means the searcher is in a position to convert if they land on your website. Examples of these types of queries could include the following “buy”, “purchase”, “order”, “rent”, “hire”

My Keyword Research Process involves the following steps:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Search Match Intent
  • Collecting Keyword Metrics & Determining Keyword Intent Potential
  • New and Existing Content Targeting

Step 1: Keyword Discovery

Keyword discovery begins with broadly identifying as may variations of keywords within your niche market as possible. Using “buyer personas” is one way to help you identify valuable keywords. Another way is the use of tools that offer keyword ranking insight with competitors.

There is a plethora of keyword tools that can help compile this list.

A few of the keyword research tools I use are:

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • SEO PowerSuite
  • SEMRush
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Keyword io tool
  • answerthepublic

Step 2: Keyword Search Match Intent

The goal is to match multiple types of search intent based on your content and SEO keyword goals.

For example, as an SEO Expert attempting to attract new clients, I would create 3 search intent keyword lists.

List 1 – Direct Conversion Likely Customers.

Using intent keyword search terms such as:

  • SEO Consultant prices in Toronto
  • SEO specialist in Toronto for hire
  • Best SEO experts for hire in Toronto

List 2 – Branding and Early Stage Customer Awareness.

Using intent keyword search terms such as:

  • SEO specialist in Toronto
  • Best SEO experts in Toronto
  • SEO freelancers in Toronto
  • SEO agency vs SEO Consultant
  • Who does SEO in Toronto?
  • Questions to ask an SEO Consultant
  • What SEO services do SEO consultants offer?

List 3 – Influencer Content Marketing

Using intent keyword search terms such as:

  • What is Technical SEO?
  • What is SEO?
  • How Google Analytics helps SEO
  • How to use Google Search Console with your SEO efforts
  • Top 10 SEO mistakes
  • How to find a good SEO expert

Tip: List 3 intent keyword search terms could be applied within blogging, white paper and guide type content.

Step 3: Collecting Keyword Metrics & Determining Keyword Intent Potential

The following metrics are compiled against each keyword search intent term.

  • Volume
  • Difficulty
  • CTR Opportunity
  • Importance

A “KIP” Keyword Intent Potential is then calculated based upon the compiled metrics.

Step 4: New and Existing Content Targeting

The final step is to take those keyword search terms identified from the “KIP” and determine how best to incorporate them into your existing website content or create new content that adds further value to your SEO efforts to attract the right kind of visitors to your website.

I am happy to schedule a free consultation to help you determine your SEO approach today. 

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Paddle Toronto
Paddle Toronto
20:05 20 Aug 18
Amazing talent and awesome personality mixed together for a great experience and excellent website work ...thanks Darryl
Adrienne Rommel
Adrienne Rommel
22:58 04 Apr 18
Darryl's professionalism, knowledge and super quick response times was extremely appreciated when he was helping me set up my website. He helped me to design my site, provided me with excellent professional advice, and was always quick to respond when I needed to make any changes, and was especially flexible when they were sometimes last minute changes. I attribute the success of my business's website to Darryl's help. Thanks Darryl!
Cameron D
Cameron D
16:10 04 Jan 18
Darryl's search marketing skills are professional and make him a pleasure to work with. He gives great advice and is always up-to-date with the latest in the world of SEM and SEO. His expertise combined with his business skills makes him an excellent choice.
Audrey Yates
Audrey Yates
15:06 31 May 17
Darryl, is a highly competent Google Adwords, Analytics & SEM specialist. Darryl knows of what he speaks. He is very thoughtful in reading data and applying insight. Equally important is Darryl's skill in writing google ads and delivering great quality scores. Always a pleasure to deal with and totally present in developing google strategies and with follow-up meetings. Audrey Yates
Wendy Pulton
Wendy Pulton
14:40 26 Apr 17
DRKSolutions helped me understand the value and the complexity involved with SEO. Very knowledgeable with this subject matter and was able to convey SEO concepts in terms that this novice could understand. Thank You!
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